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Learning Resources

With an average class size of 18 学生, and an average AP class size of 12 学生, Mercy teachers can provide individualized instruction in a challenging environment. Teachers are widely available throughout the day and after school to meet with 学生 who seek additional support.


In addition to teacher support, peer tutoring is available, and Mercy maintains a list of outside tutors who work with our teachers on specific skills. The Lunch Study program gives 学生 an opportunity to meet with our Resource Coordinator or peer tutors during their lunch period. 学生s with diagnosed learning differences are enrolled in our comprehensive 埃姆斯 program. 

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Each student is assigned one academic counselor for her four years at Mercy who will help her set goals and choose courses that are aligned with her interests and talents. When 学生 need additional support, academic counselors assemble a team that coaches 学生 on study strategies. Our wellness counselor provides social and emotional support in individual and group sessions, 根据需要. Our college counselor meets with 学生 to develop and see through a plan for college acceptances.

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The Library is an integral part of the curriculum at Mercy.  Library 工作人员 work closely with 教师 to ensure the right resources are available to 学生 for projects, re搜索 assignments, 和家庭作业.  We use over 25 online databases to extend the library’s collection of resources for current and historical events – teaching 学生 step-by-step how to use information effectively. 

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